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Key Carbon

Nigeria clean cookstoves carbon credit

Nigeria clean cookstoves carbon credit

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Each carbon credit you purchase represents a tonne of avoided carbon emissions, as certified by Gold Standard. 1 carbon credit is the equivalent of 2,558 miles driven by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle (according to the EPA). Each carbon credit also represents a quantified and verified positive impact on 8 SDGs.

83% of Nigerians lack access to clean cooking – often cooking instead on open fires inside the home. 132K deaths each year are attributable to household air pollution in Nigeria. Furthermore, 5% of Nigeria’s forest cover was deforested between 2010-15, partly driven by charcoal usage.

Clean cooking devices are out of reach for many because 31% of the population live on less than $2.15 a day. To increase accessibility, carbon finance provided by Key Carbon has allowed clean cookstoves to be distributed at a subsidized price, enabling access to Nigerian families who otherwise could not afford them.

BURN’s Jikokoa stoves are the world’s most fuel-efficient charcoal stoves (72% thermal efficiency) and result in a ~85% reduction in indoor air pollution and 40-65% reduction in fuel consumption compared to traditional charcoal stoves. This means improved health outcomes, reduced deforestation and significant household financial savings. The cooking time saved has a disproportional impact on the livelihoods of women.

The project’s carbon credits and impact on 8 SDGs have been verified by Gold Standard. The project is financed by Key Carbon and operated by BURN Manufacturing, the world’s leading clean cooking company.

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